Kiefer Consulting Services’ core competencies are project management, process management and change management. Our skills in these methods and years of practical experience enable us to work in many different sectors, for firms of all sizes, from startup companies to group companies.

Project Management

  • Project planning, implementation, monitoring and oversight
  • Establishing and overseeing the project management office
  • Establishing and overseeing project controlling
  • Establishing, introducing and documenting project management systems (methods, tools, handbooks)
  • Conducting a project health check
  • Project manager coaching tailored to the project

Process Management

  • Planning and design, analysis and reorientation of business processes
  • Continuous improvement of business processes
  • Introducing an individual quality management system
  • Drawing up a quality management handbook in accordance with DIN EN ISO

Business Administration

  • Providing general business administration advice
  • Creating a business case
  • Defining, analysing and reorganising controlling tools
  • Establishing and reorganising the management cockpit

Some of our work to date can be viewed at References.